03 November 2010


I was ready to give up on the Music Monday program, but I started getting complaints. So I'm back....for the benefit of all 3 of my loyal readers.
Now that I have a car that fits more than two people in it, I've been driving a bit on group outings. There are two very important aspects of the chauffeur role:

  1. the actual driving, 
  2. the music in your car 
...and not necessarily in that order. I have compiled what I consider to be an excellent vehicular playlist. Very pop-py, fun to sing along to, and fantastic to car dance to (one of my favorite past times, taught to me by my wonderfully graceful mother). Some might call these "guilty pleasure" songs, but not me...ain't no shame in my game!

Faaaaaaaaaavorite song to sing along to right now: click here
She's gross, but I love her mu$ic: click here
Get slizzered: click here
LL + Bill Withers: click here
Let's get it poppin, whoa: click here
Glad to see Enrique back in the music scene: click here
Any song that is on a Step Up movie is good enough for me: click here
I can't listen to this song without pretending I'm this kid: click here


ShaLyse Walker said...

Can I just take a moment and thank you for the link to that AMAZING YouTube video of that kid singing Teenage Dream? I have no words! It made my day.

jodeeharris said...

I love you for this. I couldn't love you any more. Let's be neighbors and go to late night movies together. I'm ready already.

na said...

Those two cat pics alone are enough to get you into the Great Posts section of my blog - and you know what that means:

Uh...pretty much nothing. In fact I just checked and my "Great Posts" page has only had 8 page views. Ever. None in the last month, and I assume the other 8 were just me.

I still think congratulations are in order though.